Prima Facie: the Writer

prima facie [adj] based on first impression

I, like most people I think, dislike writing introductory posts. So, deciding how to launch my blog was a bit of a challenge. I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted to talk about what I do and what I’m planning to do with this blog.

I used to be a ‘book-blogger’ back in my teen years and drifted apart from the bookish community and my blog due to a number of factors. It was a shame because I adored running a blog and talking about books – I have wanted to re-enter the community for quite some time and constantly fire-walled myself because I felt as if I would have to justify why I was gone and why I came back. I decided to start afresh.

I have also learned several lessons from my previous stint as a blogger. From the offset, I’m not going to limit myself to talking about books. It will in all likelihood be what I talk about the majority of the time but I have other passions which are equally as present in my life that I might want to talk about now and again.

Hence the asterisk. And the book-ish.

I am currently approaching the final year of a law degree, after which time I hope to complete an LPC (Legal Practice Course) to then qualify as a solicitor in England & Wales. My areas of interest are European Law, Human Rights Law and Family Law. I find myself in a lucky position because I have a genuine love of the law and the legislative process to the point where I’m happy to pursue research in my free time – it’s fascinating to me. And, if I have a platform I don’t see why I shouldn’t share work that I’m proud of on it. Along these same lines, before I decided to pursue a career in law; I was a film student. As a teenager, it was an odd discovery to realise that my identity doesn’t have to be tied to one singular thing (books).

Much like with the law, I developed a great love of film. It’s something that I miss talking about dearly and one can’t deny the relationship of literature and film.

In short, this is all about books. Most of the time.

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