This is Finn.

Hello! I am a law student who has been finding refuge between the pages of books since 2000. I’ve developed many passions over the years but my love of books remains paramount. At this point in my life, I love to read Adult and YA Fantasy.

This blog is primarily dedicated to my reviews of a wide range of books and essay-style discussions about literary topics I find interesting.

I spent two years at college studying film and sometimes I talk about them too. In addition, I also like talking about the intersectionality of all my interests including my studies – language is often crucial to the study of law. As a bi-racial person who comes from a multi-faith family, I think that promoting and supporting diverse fiction is not only a movement but a necessity and something I try to do as much as possible.

I attempt to make everything I talk about as accessible as I can. My discussion posts entail a good deal of research and I like to reference all my sources – this is done in the form of a link at the end of any relevant blog post to a master-list of the sources.

If you as a reader have any suggestions on how I can improve accessibility, or have any other suggestions for improvements please do reach out to me via Twitter or Instagram! Or through my Contact form. Please use the Contact tab for any business enquiries. Alternatively, you can email evidentlybookish@gmail.com.